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Welcome to Quality Pools & Spa, your premier destination for luxury aquatic relaxation solutions in Spain.

Located in the coastal towns of Calahonda, Marbella, and Palma de Mallorca, we specialize in delivering the finest hot tubs, jacuzzis, saunas, swim spas, lightweight pools, and pool covers, heaters and accessories.

At Quality Pools & Spa, we exclusively partner with Aquavia Spa in Spain, ensuring our customers access only the highest quality products crafted to impeccable Swedish standards. All our offerings are proudly made in Europe, using the best materials available. Plus, if you’re in Sweden, don’t miss our showroom, Poollagret, where excellence in aquatic indulgence awaits.

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Luxury Home with Pool at Sunset
Pools >>

We offer Thermo, Ceramic & Fiberglass pools in several different models and price ranges. Buy just the pool or a complete package with enclosure included.
We have complete packages at competitive prices. 

You can even build your own pool! 

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Premium Hot Tubs >>

Unique design and exclusive products in all market segments. Meet Aquavia, hot tubs designed and manufactured in Spain crafted to impeccable Swedish standards

Swim Spa >>

The Swimspa models offered by Aquavia Spa are designed not only for counter-current swimming but also for other activities and physical exercises in the pool, popularly known as aqua gym. It is also a way to enjoy a real luxury: a swimming pool all year round.

Pool Enclosures >>

Our pool enclosures are help protect your pool from falling debris, like the Salima sand, leaves etc as well protecting your smaller family members and guests, like children and pets from falling into the pool.

It also helps save on your heating bill and/or extends the bathing season by helping maintain the heat in the pool water.

Sauna >>

Put a sauna in your apartment or garden. It's pure genius on the chilly, humid winter days here in Spain! Shop fast heating IR saunas as well as traditional heater saunas.

Accessories >>

We supply and install quality heat pumps, offer superior pool & spa maintenance and can ship the highest quality pool maintenance products at a fraction of the price compared to our competitors. 

Exclusive Hot Tubs

"Quality Pools & Spa
is A Reference for Exclusive Hot Tubs & Spa's in Spain"

Say Hi To Our Exclusive Range

Top of the range spa's with superior quality finishes


One of Aquavia's star creations! The most luxury hot tub on the market today!


The Spa Cube Ergo is outstanding in design and ergonomics when it comes to hot tubs for private use.


The new Suite Hot Tub is one of the most seductive minimalist hydromassages of the moment.


Especially designed with couples in mind and ideal for hotel suites and superior rooms, as well as private homes.


Minimalism is the aim of the Spa Quantum, a hydromassage tub without ornament or artifice, clearly designed for users who think actions speak louder than words.

Specialist in EP Pool Installations

High Quality pool installations at a fraction of the price of a traditional pool

Prices starting at €6.920

Not sure what spa is right for you?

Our experienced team is here to help!

Let one of our Spa specialists help you find the best hot tub, pool or sauna model to suit your family’s needs and budget.


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