Build the rooftop pool or garden pool of your dreams with EP-Pool!

Our EP-pools are made of Estirepur®, using a patented method to create a water-proof, strong, crack-resistant and – most importantly – light material for building pools.
Using modern CNC milling robots, the building blocks can be tailored to nearly any shape and in fact it has proven its worth in decorative details outside the pool as well as inside.

The EP-pools are especially well suited for building pools where there is a weight constraint, such as terraces. Its modular construction also facilitates construction in hard to reach locations, such as rooftops or basements. Curious? Call us at 951 17 28 08 for more information and to get going on creating what might become the crown jewel of your home.

Why is an EP-pool the perfect solution for complex pool constructions?


The Estirepur® building blocks are resistant over time to water and heat exposure and provides water proofing even with superficial damages to the element. It is also not as rigid as concrete, resulting in it being less prone to cracks and leaks due to structural movements.

Lightness = possibilities

Our building blocks are up to 97% lighter than the corresponding concrete blocks. This means an EP-pool might be feasible on rooftops and other locations where a concrete pool simply cannot be built because of the construction load restrictions, alternatively it allows for a greater water depth for a given load restriction.

Modular construction

The modules are fabricated in a quality controlled environment in a specialized factory. This transfers the most complex tasks to our experienced staff and reduces on-site assembly defects. The modular design simplifies delivery and facilitates construction in locations with restricted access, such as rooftops and basements.

Thermal isolation

The EP blocks has a heat transfer coefficient 1/70th that of concrete. That means in effect a longer bathing season for pools without heating or approximately 86% cost savings for heated pools and a smaller environmental footprint.

Bespoke design

Using modern CNC milling robots, our factory can create nearly any imaginable design, including rounded pools and design elements separately or inside the pool. Other possibilities include “infinity” design or replacing one wall with a acrylic window.

Choice of coating

The EP-pool is prepared for and compatible with most coatings, including ceramic, real mosaic or natural stone. Choose a modern cerami design or a traditional pattern and turn the pool into the crown jewel of your home in the sun!

Standard EP-pool / Hot tub designs

For clients with less complex installations and who prioritize fast delivery and price over a bespoke design, we have a selection of standard designs to offer. For additional information on these pools or to request a non-binding offer, please contact us.

EP-pool Palma
EP-pool Gomera
EP-pool Hierro
EP-pool Tenerife
EP-pool Gran Canaria
EP-pool Fuerteventura
EP-pool Graciosa
EP-pool Mallorca
EP-pool Menorca
EP-pool Ibiza
EP-hot tub Dragonera
EP-jacuzzi Cabrera

Bespoke pool design – this is how it works!

If a tailor made pool sounds like the best solution for you, this is how the process goes:

  1. One of our sales staff will discuss the layout, design and details with you to make sure the pool fits all requirements.
  2. The price is then calculated and communicated for approval.
  3. On approval, the input is sent to the technicians and a 3D designer creates a model of the pool according to the instructions and sends a blueprint as well as 3D images with the equipment installed for you to study and approve.
  4. Once the layout, design and details are approved, the pool is built in the factory and delivered to you.
  5. The pool is installed, tested and coating is applied as per request.
Terrace Pool
Piscina terraza

EP - pool presentation

Let us help you on your journey from idea to a readymade swimming pool.

Choose from custom and factory-fitted pool enclosure or slatted roofs. Let us know how you want it and we will make it for you, contact us today!