Fiberglass Pool Compacta

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The sleek, modern design of the Compacta series effortlessly infuses your garden with a contemporary charm, seamlessly adapting to any space thanks to its extensive range of sizes. With its clean lines and versatile dimensions, this series adds a touch of sophistication to outdoor environments of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a cozy patio or a sprawling backyard, the Compacta series offers the perfect solution to enhance your outdoor living space. Its diverse selection of dimensions ensures that no matter the layout or scale of your garden, there’s a Compacta option that fits seamlessly into your aesthetic vision. Elevate your outdoor oasis with the sleek, adaptable elegance of the Compacta series, and transform your garden into a stylish sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment.


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Your Home, Your Style

Our fibreglass pools come in a variety of colors sizes and styles. Choose the style that fits your home!  

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The rising trend

More and more people are choosing to buy a finished fiberglass pool (composite) instead of casting their pool in concrete or buying with a liner with a steel / wooden frame.

The fiberglass pool is made in one piece with an integrated stair solutions with anti-slip protection and generous seating.

A fiberglass pool from QualityPool & Spa is built up in six different layers – all with different functions. Some layers reinforce, others insulate or seal and additional layers make up the pool’s beautiful finish.

High quality, durable pools

The result is an appealing and significantly more durable pool that you never have to worry about. When you buy a fiberglass pool from QualityPool & Spa, you can feel confident that you get a pool of the highest quality, with extensive guarantees regardless of price range and model.

For our range of fiberglass pools, we have carefully selected pool manufacturers who have extensive experience of pool manufacturing. This gives us the opportunity to present pools in high quality.

We take care of your journey from idea to the pool of your choice

For all our pool models, you can choose from custom and factory-fitted pool roofs or slatted covers.

Contact us and tell us how you want to design your pool environment, our complete pool packages with fiberglass pool we adapt to your wishes.

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Specifications for the
Fiberglass Pool Compacta

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Please note that construction permit application,  excavation ground work, gravel bed, water & electricity, assembly & crane are not included in the price.

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