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Discover the Lounge Hot Tub – a modern masterpiece born from the evolution of Aquavia Spa’s renowned Cube Ergo. Retaining the beloved dimensions, it embraces a minimalist design with serene vibes. The strategic placement of numerous jets elevates the hydro massage experience, ensuring an impeccable, rejuvenating session. With three seats and two loungers, this hot tub is a blend of sophistication and functionality. Its high-quality materials, technical precision, and operational efficiency establish it as the epitome of exclusivity in residential hot tubs.

Indulge in shared moments of bliss with family and friends as the Lounge Hot Tub redefines relaxation. Impeccable design meets ultimate comfort, promising unforgettable moments both physically and emotionally.


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LED lights

Your Home, Your Style

This hot tub comes in a variety of colors and styles. Choose the style that fits your home! 

The best purchase I made all year! Excellent service and without any fuss!

A unique hot tub for every use and requirement

All our hot tubs combine quality and performance and are considered exclusive within their market segment.

At Quality Pools we have designed different categories, as the users who want to buy a hot tub and the requirements for their use are different.

Our approach is to look carefully at each customer profile and exceed their expectations.

Quality & durable features

Before buying a hot tub, it is important to know which features can really make a difference. All our hot tubs are category leaders in terms of features.

This is our requirement, as well as our first line of defence against our competition in the European hydromassage market. We want all of our hydromassage tubs, hot tubs and swimspas to be exclusive, regardless of the product range to which they correspond.

Expert installations & maintenance

At Quality Pools, we take pride in being your go-to experts for the installation of premium hot tubs in both Mainland Spain and Mallorca. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we bring you the perfect blend of luxury and relaxation.

Our team of skilled professionals understands the unique demands of our clients, ensuring meticulous installations that meet the highest standards. Whether you envision a tranquil retreat in your backyard or wish to enhance your property in Mallorca, Quality Pools has the expertise to turn your dreams into reality.

High Quality LED Lighting

Aquavia Spas’ Pure Line Lighting isn’t just about illumination; it’s a transformative experience for your entire space. This innovative feature incorporates a polychromatic LED lighting system embedded within the central perimeter sides of your spa. Imagine a mesmerizing halo of color emanating from within, bathing your surroundings in a soft, inviting glow.

It’s not just the water that’s touched by beauty – Pure Line Lighting transforms the entire atmosphere, creating a magical and relaxing ambiance.

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Lounge Hot Tub

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