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"Immerse in a luxurious spa experience within the sanctuary of your own home"

Discover the epitome of sleek aesthetics and contemporary design with our exquisite range of hot tubs. Designed by renowned Czech architect Ondrej Kamenicky, each OKA hot tub boasts clean lines and modern shapes that effortlessly elevate any space. Our seamless cabinets, inspired by various types of authentic wood, add a touch of sophistication to your surroundings.

But it’s not just about visual appeal. Experience unparalleled comfort and rejuvenation with our ergonomically designed hot tubs. Strategically placed air jets provide a deeply invigorating massage, ensuring total relaxation and relief for your body. Plus, rest assured, our hot tubs offer ample space, catering to individuals of all heights. Indulge in uninterrupted bliss and elevate your relaxation experience with an OKA hot tub.

OKA Design Collection

OKA Wave 3

From €7.659
Enjoy unique comfort and design with the OKA WAVE 3 hot tub. Enjoy pleasure without worries with our hot tub.

OKA Wave 2

From €8.397
Immerse yourself in quality trust. Discover complete relaxation with the OKA WAVE 2 hot tub.


From €15.083
Enjoy your experience in the hot tub with Almandine for a complete massage. Elevate your lifestyle with the assurance of incomparable comfort.

OKA Wave 1

From €7.411
Enjoy luxury relaxation with our Oka Wave 1 whirlpool bath for 2. Quality and peace of mind go hand in hand in each of our hot tubs.


From €13.544
Perfect for gatherings, let Onyx be the centre of attention in your garden. Experience total relaxation, with the highest quality ecological materials


From €11.879
Sapphire: Luxurious hot tub for 5. This hot tub is a unique and precious gem in the spa world.

The best purchase I made all year! Excellent service and without any fuss!

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