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Looking to Buy A Hot Tub or Jacuzzi in Marbella, Mallorca or the Costa del Sol?  

Quality Pools Spa proudly serves as the exclusive reseller for Aguavia Spa. Our selection of high-quality hot tubs caters to both public and private settings, offering versatility for indoor or outdoor installations, frequent or occasional use, and providing relaxation or a complement to your fitness routine.

Aguavia Spa, recognized as the largest manufacturer of hot tubs, hydromassage tubs, and swim spas in Europe with 30 years of industry experience, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Quality Pools & Spa has strategically partnered with Aguavia Spa, a prestigious industry leader, to ensure optimal quality for our discerning clients. This strategic collaboration aligns with our dedication to providing top-tier products and services.

Aguavia Spa’s centralized manufacturing facility near Barcelona produces thousands of hot tubs and hydromassage tubs annually, meeting the rigorous demands of global markets. Our exclusive product line is distinguished by total quality, cutting-edge design, and innovation tailored to the user’s experience.

Our Hot Tub Collection

When you buy a hot tub or Jacuzzi from Quality Pools Spa in the Costa del Sol or Mallorca, you are guaranteed the highest quality materials and excellence of service.

Relax Spa Hot Tub Range

Elite hot tubs, the best and most exclusive in terms of design and performance, for lovers of sophistication.

Natural Range

Premium hot tubs, created for lovers of refined design and exceptional performance, perfect for luxurious relaxation in nature.

Smart Range

The hot tubs in the Smart collection from Iberspa feature an elegant and comfortable design.

Professional Range

The Professional Range. Professional means expert

Built-in Range

The In-Ground Range. Hot tubs with maximum integration in their environment

Aqualife Range

The Aqualife Range. A Family hot tub with unbeatable quality-to-price ratio

Why is an Aquavia Hot Tub
the Perfect Choice for your home?

When you buy a jacuzzi at Quality Pools & Spa, you don't just buy a hot tub, you buy a lifestyle that fits your environment
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Made In Europe

Despite the growing trend towards offshore production, Aquavia Spa has opted to continue producing all of our hot tubs and Swimspa hot tubs, as well as their components, in Cervera (70 km from Barcelona).

This has made them the leading European manufacturer in the hydromassage sector and led to them receiving the highest quality certificates (ISO 9001 and CE marking).

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Robust Frame

One of the keys to the durability of our hot tubs is its metal frame.

The metal frame is treated against corrosion and supports the entire weight of the hot tub, making it robust enough to prevent any deformation. It has been stringently tested in humid environments and extreme temperatures, so it is durable, even when installed outdoors.

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Pure Line Lighting

Pure Line Lighting changes the look of the hot tub, and with it, the aesthetics of the entire space in which it is installed. It is a polychromatic LED lighting system along the outer strip of some of the hot tubs in the Exclusive and Premium ranges.

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Silent Pump

Stand-alone, silent and affordable filtration at any time of day

You don't have to wait until night-time to filter the water in your hot tub. Silent Pump is the quietest filtration system available on the market, with the lowest energy consumption. All Aquavia Spa hot tubs feature it as standard.

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Hig Performance Water Care

Using the High Performance Water Care system, the hot tub collects the water and introduces it into the filter at high pressure. The process ensures that the water's impurities are immediately retained in the filter, thus making filtration quicker and more efficient and optimising the quality of the water to a far greater degree than conventional filters. This also has a positive impact on maintenance needs and the service life of the filter.

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Relax Impact System

A sea of bubbles surrounding the leg and buttock areas
The Relax Impact System is the perfect accessory for the all-over and comprehensive massage experience for which Aquavia Spa hot tubs are designed. It consists of an additional hot air massage pump, channelled through nozzles located below the user's legs and buttocks.

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Exclusive High Quality Hot Tubs

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