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"Transform Your Pool Experience: Discover the Benefits of Quality Pool Enclosures! "

Pool Enclosures are a fantastic investment for reducing maintenance and heating costs, enhancing safety, and extending the usability of your garden pool throughout the year. QualityPoolSPA delivers top-notch pool covers across Spain from our warehouse in Malaga.

Visit our showrooms in Calahonda, Marbella, and Mallorca to explore live examples of pool covers firsthand. At QualityPoolSPA, we are seasoned experts in pools and can assist you in determining the most suitable solution for your needs, whether it’s a roof-style pool enclosure, a slat cover (lamella), or a fabric safety cover.

Decide based on your specific requirements, whether you aim to shield your pool from calima and debris, protect family members from accidental falls, or retain heat in the water during the transitional seasons of spring and autumn.

Our Pool Cover Options

Don't just pick any Pool Enclosure or Cover - choose one that fit's your exterior design and suits the way you use your pool!

Safety Pool Cover

Ensure the safety of your loved ones with our premium safety cover, specifically designed to safeguard children under 5 and beloved pets.

Pool Slats

A slat cover is arguably the perfect compromise when it comes to protecting a pool. It combines great looks, compactness and efficiency.

Pool Enclosures

Elite hot tubs, the best and most exclusive in terms of design and performance, for lovers of sophistication.

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