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"Easily the best investment you have ever made in terms of long term savings & usage"

A enclosure extends the bathing season as it insulates and keeps the temperature of the water more even even in colder times, this is also an effective energy saving in terms of heating costs and also in terms of purchasing various chemicals for cleaning. It is possible to swim under the pool roof with the roof closed on rainy or cold days. You enter under the pool roof via a sliding door that is located on the long side of the roof.

Pool roof of the highest quality at the best price with a secure 7-year guarantee! The roofs are made of 10 mm duct plastic and the gables in 3 mm clear glass polycarbonate. Extra rails are included so that you can get rid of the entire pool roof so that you can use the entire pool when bathing. An investment in pool roofs will give you safety and flexibility. pool coverage must be a real year-round solution that covers all needs for child safety, heating economy, reduced pool cleaning and winter coverage.

Our Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosure – Costa del Sol

From €10.450
This flat pool enclosure – Costa del Sol – is completely retractable to one side of the pool, to maximize pool availability.

Pool Enclosure – Costa Blanca

From €9.100
This flat design pool enclosure – Costa Blanca – is completely retractable to one side of the pool, to maximise pool availability.

Pool Enclosure – Costa Tropical

From €6.700
This comfort pool enclosure – Costa Tropical – is completely retractable to one side of the pool, to maximize pool availability.

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Why is a pool enclosure
the Perfect Choice for your home?

No more debris

Covering the pool with a cover or enclosure prevents leafs, branches, cut grass and insects from polluting the water. This means less time spent at the side of the pool with the leaf collector, and more time spent in the water!

Beautiful woman swimming in a swimming pool with steam.
Keep the heat in

A pool cover or pool enclosure drastically reduces the heat losses to the surrounding air, extending the usable season with weeks or even months. Even if you have a heat pump, the cover will save energy and costs by reducing the need for heating.

Underwater funny photo of golden labrador retriever puppy in swimming pool play with fun – jumping, diving deep down. Actions, training games with family pets and popular dog breeds on summer vacation
Safety First

The pool covers comply with safety regulations and is a perfect safe guard to keep children and pets from falling into the pool.

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