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"Enjoy a longer season, save money, and simplify pool care with AstralPool's Automatic Slat Covers."

Transform your pool into a year-round oasis with AstralPool automatic slat covers. These innovative covers go beyond mere protection, offering a multitude of benefits that elevate your pool ownership experience. Imagine extending your swimming season with a warmer, more inviting pool thanks to the insulating properties of the slats. Embrace the ease of automatic operation, allowing you to effortlessly open and close the cover with the simple turn of a key. AstralPool understands that every pool is unique, offering both above ground and

submerged installation options. The submerged option provides a discreet and aesthetically pleasing solution, ideal for new builds or renovations, ensuring the beauty of your pool takes center stage. Invest in an AstralPool automatic slat cover and unlock a world of benefits. Reduce heating costs, minimize chemical consumption, and simplify maintenance, all while creating a safe and secure environment for your loved ones. Experience the difference with AstralPool – the smarter choice for year-round pool enjoyment.

Our Automatic Slat Covers

Pool Slat Cover – Octeo

This automatic pool slat cover – Octeo – guarantees maximum safety for your pool.

Pool Slat Cover – Roussillon

This automatic pool slat cover – Roussillon – guarantees maximum safety for your pool.

Pool Slat Cover – Bellasun

This automatic pool slat cover – Bellasun – guarantees maximum safety for your pool.

Pool Slat Cover – Sveltea

This automatic pool slat cover – Sveltea – guarantees maximum safety for your pool.

AstralPool: Backed by Fluidra, the European Leader in Pool Technology

AstralPool takes pride in being part of Fluidra, the undisputed leader in the European pool and wellness equipment market. Fluidra’s position isn’t just a title; it’s the culmination of years dedicated to exceptional quality and innovation.

For over four decades, Fluidra has established itself as the go-to choice for pool professionals and homeowners across Europe. This extensive experience translates into meticulously designed products, built to endure and provide lasting value.

AstralPool, as a core brand within Fluidra, inherits this commitment to excellence. That commitment extends beyond the product itself. AstralPool, backed by Fluidra’s industry leadership, is able to offer extended warranties on many of its products, providing you with peace of mind and a testament to their confidence in long-lasting performance.

So, when you choose AstralPool pool slats, you’re not just getting a quality component; you’re investing in the proven track record and expertise of Fluidra, the undisputed leader in European pool technology.

The best purchase I made all year! Excellent service and without any fuss!

Why is an Automatic Slat Cover
the Perfect Choice for your home?

No more debris

Covering the pool with a cover or enclosure prevents leafs, branches, cut grass and insects from polluting the water. This means less time spent at the side of the pool with the leaf collector, and more time spent in the water!

Beautiful woman swimming in a swimming pool with steam.
Keep the heat in

A pool cover or pool enclosure drastically reduces the heat losses to the surrounding air, extending the usable season with weeks or even months. Even if you have a heat pump, the cover will save energy and costs by reducing the need for heating.

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Safety First

The pool covers comply with safety regulations and is a perfect safe guard to keep children and pets from falling into the pool.

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