Fibreglass Pool Marbella 8m x 3,7m x 1,55m


The fibreglass pool “Marbella” is one of the smartest designs on the market. A stylish staircase leads down into the water where we find two seats and a sunbathing bed in the water. A wonderful spot to keep cool while enjoying the sun and an unusual feature for a pool this size. Still, there is plenty of space for playing around in the water. No wonder this has become a favourite!

Contains everything needed to keep the water clean on a macroscopic level. Pump, outlet (skimmer), inlet, pipes, sand filter & sand. To prevent microbial growth you will also need chemical cleaning, see Chlorine dosing system. You need to select pack according to pool size, longer or shorter than 7.5 m.

With the option Technology box, the components of the Circulation pack is mounted in a box. Perfect if you don’t hava a dedicated machinery room to install the pump, filter etc.

With a heat pump, you are able to extend the pool season and enjoy your pool for several months more every year.

Chemical purification is needed to prevent microbial growth in the pool water. Apart from this you will also need a filtration system, which you will find under “Circulation pack”

Lighting makes a huge difference to create an inviting ambience around the pool during the dark hours, converting the pool into a decorative piece.

Fibreglass pool Marbella
Fibreglass Pool Marbella 8m x 3,7m x 1,55m
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