Professional means expert

Designed and built in Spain

The professional range (Professional Spa) offered by Aquavia Spa consists of hydromassage tubs with unbeatable performance, maximum efficiency and a guarantee of durability that is unique in the market. This range is the result of the trust that has been placed in us for decades by businesses and establishments throughout the world, for whom the use of hot tubs is intensive and continuous and who therefore demand an impeccable level of reliability and productivity.

This range consists of built-in hot tubs, without cabinets and with very variable dimensions, with a wide range of options and acrylic, stainless steel or mosaic shell finishes. Their filtration systems are marketed separately to better adapt to the needs of each situation.

Professional means expert, and no-one has more experience in guaranteeing this maximum level of quality than Aquavia Spa, the European leader in the manufacture of hot tubs.