Complete Pool Package Enclosure Included 35 Year Warranty

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"The perfect pool complete with stairs and enclosure

Our thermopool stands out due to its superior quality, constructed with high-quality thermoblocks that ensure durability and longevity. We proudly offer a worry-free ownership experience by providing a remarkable 35-year guarantee for the pool frame.

The pool liner, a crucial component, features a sturdy 0.75 mm liner bag with an adapted staircase snap-in list. Upon request, we also offer the option to spot weld the liner for your convenience. Our packages  include a standard single-colored liner, with the option to choose a patterned one.

Our thermal pool is available in various sizes, catering to the diverse needs of our customers. Select the package that aligns perfectly with your preferences, whether with or without an enclosure.

Please be aware that the installation of a pool enclosure is an optional feature, allowing you to customize your pool experience based on your unique requirements. Choose the unparalleled quality and flexibility of our thermal pool for an extraordinary swimming experience.

Our Thermopool Package

Our Thermopools are available in ANY shape and ANY size. 

Our services include: 

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Pool Liners

Our pool liners are available in different colors and patterns. These PVC liners can come printed with mosaic, 3D touches or elegant and plain, the choice is yours! 


1.5 mm pvc liner available in seven different attractive colors.


A reinforced liner with a mosaic pattern with a thickness of 1.5 mm.


Is a reinforced liner with a mosaic pattern with a thickness of 2 mm.


A 2 mm reinforced liner, printed with inspiration from nature to add character and personality to your pool. Reinforced lining with exclusive 3D design and print, inspired by nature. Turn your pool into an oasis of design and character.

Pool Enclosures

Another option is adding a Pool Enclosure or Cover. 

The best purchase I made all year! Excellent service and without any fuss!

Bespoke pool design – this is how it works!

If a tailor made pool sounds like the best solution for you, this is how the process goes:

1. Design your pool

One of our sales staff will discuss the layout, design and details with you to make sure the pool fits all requirements.

There are a variety of choices to make: 

  • Size of your pool
  • Shape of your pool
  • Colour of your pool
  • Depth of your pool
  • Heated or not? 
  • What type of pool liner?
  • Add a pool enclosure?

2. We give you our best price

At Quality Pools you can be assured you will receive the most competitive price for your pool. 

We will calculate everything we need for the installation for your pool, from delivery to the finishing touches. 

Once you approve of our quote we will start building your pool. 

Need help getting planning permission? We can assist in obtaining all the paperwork you need to legalise your pool. 

3. We build & Install your pool

Upon receiving approval and the necessary licenses, the provided input is promptly forwarded to our skilled technicians who will start planning the project.

You will always be up to date on when the works start, what’s happening next and the final estimated completion date. 

4. You enjoy your pool!

The completion of the installation is a swift process, typically taking just a few days. Now, as the proud owner of an EP Pool, you can look forward to years of uninterrupted enjoyment. Our pool boasts a unique and robust structure designed to provide enduring satisfaction without the hassles that can often arise with traditional installations.

Rest assured, with your EP Pool, you’ve not only invested in a superior and cost-effective swimming solution but also secured countless moments of joy and relaxation for years to come.

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